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James White

Jim has worked in financial services since 1994, and since 2001 has been as an
independent financial advisor to individuals and business. His specialty is in
understanding his client’s issues, preparing an easy to understand solution set
to meet their needs, and then monitoring their accounts to help them stay on
track with their goals.

In order to help his clients Jim has partnered with Navigation Financial Group
to practice with a large group of like-minded professionals with many different
skill sets. These professionals help form a living library of seasoned advisors
who help make each other better and in turn our clients can benefit from the
experience of the group.

Jim has helped many clients in the areas of

  • Financial and Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Review
  • Investment Analysis
  • 401k Plan Assistance

Jim obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from The University of
Texas at Austin in 1982. While at the university Jim was active in campus
service organizations as well as leadership positions in his fraternity.

Jim lives in Tyler with his wife Lisa. They are blessed with three adult children
who live in Dallas. Jim and Lisa like to travel and Jim enjoys golf as often as